Thursday, September 6, 2012

So I Baked a Cake

A compromise is the art of dividing a cake in such a way that everyone believes he has the biggest piece.

Ludwig Erhard

Pound Cake

My Mother's response to moments of crisis was to feed people.  This was her gift, hospitality.  She feed the family of course but she also offered almost everyone who touched her life or crossed her threshold food.  Even when times were hard there was always room for one more at her table.  

This week and during this summer there are those who are in my life who are in crisis.  Some I can not do much for, some will never need anything again, and some are too far away to see.  Of course, I can always pray for those in need no matter where they are and that is perhaps the most important thing to do for them.
There is one who is close enough that I could do one other thing for before it is too late...

So I baked a cake.

Mmmm.......... Can you smell pound cake?

This is my favorite go to pound cake recipe.  Cream Cheese Pound Cake it smells so good baking.   It almost always turns out good.  This one didn't put an ounce on my body because I sent the whole thing away and it was greatly appreciated.  A really good feeling without any calories.

Now I know that quilters make and give away quilts to people in crisis but sometimes it just doesn't seem like the right thing to do at the moment.  Quilts also take a certain amount of time to make and you may not know if such a gift would be well received.  Food however is something that is almost always welcomed.

Do you ever find yourself cooking to reach out to someone?  If you do leave a comment with the name of the recipe that you like to use.  If you would like to have my pound cake recipe let me know that also.  I'll be glad to share it.

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  1. If I make something for me and the husband, I usually double it and send some of what we're having over to my dad and my husband's folks (so it's not a particular recipe; it's pretty random). For us, the food "deliveries" are less about specific comfort, and more of a "hi, how ya doing?" type of greeting. But I find that comforting. :)

    I would love the recipe!

  2. I love to make cookies and brownies to share with friends, for no reason just because I don't want ALL the calories. When it's for a support and I'm here type of dish - it's a big pot of homemade soup (in the winter) or a chicken/rice casserole if they are not vegetarian. I would love your recipe for the pound cake. I can smell it now!! Thanks

  3. Your pound cake looks so good!! I don't have a specific recipe I go to but it is usually something sweet! It's sort of an indulgence while things aren't going so well.

  4. lovely cake, could you please send me the recipe. my favorite cake is here:
    hugs Alessandra


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