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This page provides links to the Tutorials and Tips that I have published on my blog.  I hope you will find them interesting and informative.  If they do please leave a comment and provide a link to them on your blog sometimes.  I would love to know when you do that so I can check it out.  Please respect my copyright and do not copy them without permission.  I will be glad to do a guest post if asked.  


Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial
Directions for Making a Christmas Tree Skirt.  Size can be adjusted.

Crazy Quilted Christmas Stocking Tips AND
More Crazy Quilted Stocking Tips
The 2 posts above contain tips and things to keep in mind when making Stockings.

 AND THEN there are even a few more 
 Things to remember about Christmas Stockings during the Holidays.  
THESE TIPS APPLY to ALL Christmas Stockings, new or old!

Easy Angle Tool Tutorial - Part 1
Monkey Wrench Block Featured
Part 2 & 3 Coming Soon

This simple Flannel Blanket is easy and fast to make.  
The technique can be used for other projects like placemats too.

Leaf Vase Block Tutorial:  My  Design in the Glorious Autumn Block Hop

How to add  Simple Patchwork Border to your quilting project.


 Cords:  How to keep electric cords to sewing machines or laptops bundled.

Fabric Selection for Quilts:  How to have different color values in your quilt.

Frayed Edges:  How I stop fabric from fraying and seams from coming apart.

Ironing Tip:  A neat trick to kept seams from getting pressed the wrong way.

Panel Prints:  Tips for working with pre-printed panels.

Scrap Quilt Theory: My methods for choosing fabrics to sew together in Scrap Quilts.

Sewing Machines and Tension:  Basic tips for quilters

Snips:  Keeping up with thread snips at the longarm. 


  1. todos estão lindo
    obrigada por compartilhar e por dxar a gente salvar no PC
    e bom dia!

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