Thursday, April 10, 2014

Taking Care of the Essentials

The grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.
Joseph Addison

I am enjoying the warmer weather although it has still been cool.  That's fine with me because I don't like hot.  It is to get into the 80s this weekend.  Spring is definitely here because my world is covered in a yellow haze of pollen.  My sinuses can attest to this also.  I know from some of the blogs I read that snow is still around in some of the Northern Hemisphere so I'll share some more flowers to help warm your day or give you Spring envy at least.  My irises have been putting on a great show! 

 This is my smaller patch.  They have been blooming for over a week now.  I was happy to see more purples this year.  When I planted them they were in a single row about 4 feet away from the crepe myrtle.  They will soon surround it if we don't thin them out.

Here is a closer view.  The purple is much deeper than this.  I couldn't get it to show true color even with a little adjusting.

This is the batch in the center island.  They have just started opening.  This picture is several days ago.  Yesterday all those buds you see were open.  I'll try to get more pictures today.  I think a few purple ones should be open in this group today too.

I have one more batch of colored iris that blooms later.  I'm hoping I won't miss them while we are on vacation later this month.

Ready for some more purple?  Here is my Rainbow Scrap Challenge block.  The colors in it are much richer than they show here too.  Some of these look blue but they really are purple.
I have flourescent lights in the studio that just change colors even though they are daylight bulbs.  There is too much pollen to lay it outside.  It would turn yellow I'm sure.  LOL

Here is a peek at what I'm working on at the longarm.  Not too fancy but it is getting
DONE!  Yeah!  

I haven't done the wavy lines this way before.  I'm really liking it!  One day I won't chicken out of doing the ruler work.  Still more skills to master.  I'll get there one day I hope.  This is a good thing - refer to the quote above.  LOL

How's this post for a Happy Trifecta? Flowers, quilts and something for the Grandbaby.  I hope your day is a happy one too!


  1. Those irises are gorgeous! We used to have a lot of irises in the front of our yard, but then took everything out and converted it into a little patio area. I miss the irises, though! Your quilting looks lovely.

  2. That's a great quote, Pat. And sew true! Sure nice to see your irises in bloom. Spring is here, but barely! Love your quilting. The variegated thread makes those wavy lines look like they are having fun!

  3. wonderful irises but as for not liking the heat i love it the hotter the better for me,I live in the wrong country for nice and hot. Scrap block looks good and your quilting is what I would be over the moon to do.

  4. We have been going to our volunteer garden at a local park and taking pictures of our iris. They are just beautiful.

  5. Beautiful flowers! My irises are just starting to show....about 3 inches. I worked outside yesterday which was really enjoyable, I'm like you and don't like it when it is really hot. Love your purple block and the wiggle quilting!

  6. Your flowers are gorgeous and your quilting is lovely. Your Soul Searching block is fabulous

  7. Love your iris!! Mine have green leaves, but that's all here in Washington. My first tattoo is an iris my daughter drew - my favorite flower! Doing good on the quilting - be careful with the rulers...very addicting!!! Very few quilts get off my longarm without some ruler or another being used on them!!!

  8. Lovely photos! Spring has definitely sprung here too :)


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