Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Waiting Game

I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning... 
J. B. Priestley

I'm sure you are tired of waiting on me to tell you more about the quilts I found on my trip.  I have had a busy week so I am finally able to get another post written.  Thank you for you patience and nice comments.  The thing about waiting for something is you may also get a few surprises along the way.

Our family is awaiting the birth of a new grandchild.  My daughter called me Thursday and invited me to go with her to what is probably her last ultra sound appointment.  So I haven't seen the baby yet but I've seen fingers and toes and a cute little nose.  She is at 38 weeks so it won't be long now.  There have been showers for the Mom and Baby and I will share the pictures of some of those in another post.

Now back to the Antique Malls and a few of the more interesting quilts that DID NOT come home with me.  I don't want to disparage another quilter's work but I would like to hear your thoughts and comments on some of these.

This one was hanging in the entrance of the first Mall we went into.  The name of it was Satin Girls because all of the hair was made of shiny fabric.  It looked more like poly lining than satin to me.  The quilt was hand quilted and applique.  The borders were at least 14 inches wide.  You can see the close up below.

The dresses were in a wide range of fabrics.  The orange plaid for example was a double knit from the 60s or 70s.  The pink apron above had metallic threads running through it.  The embroidery work was well done and neat but the eyes ,,,  I can't decide if they remind me of clowns or the Chucky doll from the movies.  It was prices at $450 and if you would like to buy it I'll send you the name of the Antique Mall where it is probably still hanging.

This was a block I hadn't seen before.  It has a nine patch center and then a Churn Dash variation around it.  I want to draft it in EQ7 and play around with it some.  I think it has possibilities. The quilt was quite scrappy with a large variety of prints.  I love the navy polka dot.

This one has me stumped.  I'll have to draft it on graph paper.  The blue squares were solid and inset so it is hard to tell where the block is.  Anyone know the name of it?

This one intrigued me also.  It was made of different colorways of some of the same prints.  It was used under an attractive display so it was hard to get a full shot of it.  It was a strippy with rows of diamonds alternating with plain strips of the prints.  I thought it was interesting and modern looking.

I've played with this one in EQ before I think but I need to look up the name.  The blocks were framed with different prints.  The contrast between the light and dark prints gave it a positive and negative effect.

The side border was just odd rectangles added to make it big enough for the bed.  I've seen that before for sure.

I've never seen a kaleidoscope center in a pineapple block before.  The blocks must have been over 20 inches.  It is filling a chair seat.  This could make an interesting quilt I think.

Red and White quilts look great even with great holes in them.  So simple and stunning.

This was the oddest color combo for Sunbonnet Sue I've seen.  Acid chrome yellow on a purple background.  I know it reads gray in the picture but it was purple.  It was in good shape and just a top.  Wonder why that one wasn't quilted?  What do you think?

This blue and white block just sang out in this quilt.  I don't think it was because of the other fabrics fading.  The low contrast used was soft and pretty.  I still need to look the block up, it looks like and easy one.

The sashing and cornerstones are almost a big as the blocks.  That's one way to keep from making so many blocks.  LOL  It works well in this one I think.

So what came home with me?  Some of you guessed in my comments.

This lovely nine patch with the cheerful red centers.  I love the points on the edge.

It's full of 30s prints that I'll never get tired of looking at.  See the thimble?

There is a boy rolling a hoop. Little ginghams and flower prints.

Scissors and buttons and polka dots too.  The blocks measure about 3 1/8" across.  The quilting is finely done.  There is an X in the nine patch blocks and a grid in the plain ones.

Here is a view of the back.  It is in great shape.

I bought this top.  The piecing is neatly done and I loved the scallopy edges.

The stripes go in all directions which adds a lot of movement to the top.  Here is a view of the back side.

Here is a view of the edge.  Two corners look like this:

The other two look like this:

Let me know what you think about these 'quilt gems' from my trip.  Which ones do you like the most and which ones did you have other opinions of.  I can't wait to read your comments!


  1. My favorite is the nine patch you bought. I think yellow and purple used to be a popular color combo back in like the 70,s.
    I love the dolls on the first quilt, the dresses are adorable. The price is ridiculous though!

  2. Love the nine patch. The Satin Girls quilt is scary. The churn dash with the 9 patch in the middle is different, but interesting. They are all so different but so much fun.

  3. I like the last quilt best of all. I am glad to read that it has found a good home. Those dolls are seriously strange looking :)

  4. thought the satin girls were a bit of fun, interested in the nine patch with churn dash, I recently watched a video on a disappearing pin wheel which when reassembled was a mini pin wheel in the centre with a churn dash outside, on my to try list. Have also got the drawing on the double Z block to try. The kaleidescope with a pineapple is different, have only tried the pineapple once and swore never again! Very nice the one you have bought, are you tempted to finish it or just keep it as it is? Thinking of buying EQ7 not sure though whether I would understand it or justify the cost, it is about £150 here.

  5. I like the nine patch with the poined edge.

  6. I think that the yellow Sunbonnet Sues would look nice on a different color background. They look fine on grey. The top may not have been finished because sometimes you don't realize how something will look until it is assembled. Step back and 'OMG!" =)
    I struggle with this problem. It is so hard sometimes to imagine what something will look like after you are done.
    The Satin Girls sounds like something a mother would make a young girl out of her baby clothes. Esp. with each dress being a different fabric.

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