Monday, July 28, 2014

The Winners Are

A winning smile makes winners of us all. 

Well another week has flown by.  Today has been a bit frustrating.  My earpiece on my glasses broke and I so my view of the world is a bit cockeyed.  Makes more eyestrain than usual and corresponding headache.

I have pulled out a couple of older projects.  I'm tired of having so many UFOs hanging about.  They clutter up the studio and my brain.  This one is a modern piece I did at a sewing machine dealer class.  It just needs borders.  I put up several choices.  Which one do you like best.

I think it needs a small black border to start with.  If I use the mottled black that is in the geese I'll have to piece it because I have very little left.

This one I've shown on the blog before.  I still need to add the borders.  This curved piecing was a lot of work and I have been disappointed in it.  I just didn't put enough contrast in the fabric choices to make it visually interesting.  Up close it is OK.  I just need to finish it and move on.  The quilting may help pull it together.

Here's a closeup shot. It has a very African feel.  The masks fabric is an African one.

I have been working on blocks from an old BOM that I designed when I had the shop.  They are in 30s prints.  It's amazing how I have pulled fabrics from the 30s bin for 2 bed size tops and it has not made a noticeable dent and the bin isn't a very deep one.

Moving on to today's news... the Winners as selected in a set of Random Intergers:

Congrats to:  #23 GranChris
                       #29 Jusmom1
 and                #34 Margaret

I'll get your prizes in the mail as soon as I get all the contact info from you.

Thanks again to all my wonderful Followers!  Your comments and encouragement keep me going and give me many smiles.


  1. not sure if the Margaret is me fingers crossed I am right!!

  2. Congratulations to the winners. I like the one on the left which looks like fireworks.

  3. Congrats to the winners!!!!! I love the quilts above!!!! I am no help on the borders cause they all look good!!!

  4. I absolutely love your flying geese quilt. I like the top batik for it's big border. What if you put a white piping in between the black the outside border to set it off more? It's gonna be gorgeous! Visiting from Freemotion on the River.

  5. That flying geese quilt is incredible. I agree with Vicki that adding white piping to the black border would be visually dazzling! The red swatch to the right would be my choice for the other border...great quilt! Visiting from Connie's at Freemotion by the River.

  6. Also dropping in through Connie's blog! Your work is a real surprise! Very original!

  7. I love your top ufo. It is wonderful. I like the idea of the small black border or possibly a flange. I would use the red on the right. I think the one on the top draws the eyes away from the design. It stands nicely on its own. Ok, so next I covered up some of each of the borders and I preferred the left one and the top. Decisive aren't I? I think I would keep the borders narrower than what you show them. Good luck making the decision!

  8. Your flying geese quilt is marvelous! I would not put a border on it. I think it will detract from the original piece. A black binding would set it off nicely.

  9. Those flying geese really deserve to be liberated and allowed to fly! I like the plain on the right for the border too.


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