Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fabric and Ideas

We live in a web of ideas, a fabric of our own making. 
Joseph Chilton Pearce

Ahhh!!!  New fabric!  The smell, the touch of it, the ideas and possibilities it ignites within our soul.  Is there anything like a little retail therapy to a quilter or sewist?  If you can't make it out to a store even petting the stash will get your brain firing with more ideas than you can find time for.  But then if I didn't dream up new things to keep me going I would be very, very sad and bored.

So I went to this show for a day.  I usually go for several days but not this time.  There were some really wonderful quilts there and enough vendors to significantly lighten my bank account.  I think it would have been a better show if they had accepted entries of quilts for judging and prizes.  The ones there were wonderful but I like to see what regular non-published quilters make too.

So what did I find to buy?  Many things but not some of the things I had on my list.  This little hedgehog potholder pattern was just too cute to pass up.

This Sew Together Bag has been featured on many blogs this year.  I think I might like to try my hand a one or two of them.  I have a huge stash of zippers that I should put to use.

I haven't made my granddaughter anything to wear.  These two patterns look like they would fit her style.

This bag pattern includes three different bags.  It called to me for some reason.

If you have been reading my blog for very long you know I have a thing for owls.  The fabrics on the bottom are a heavy linen/cotton blend that will be just right for a bag.  The top one is a cool Alexander Henry print that I think would be great for the lining.

This collection of prints really appealed to me!  It's full of art supplies and quotes.  Maybe it will end up as the art supply tote.

Then there were these that jumped into my had just because...

I'm sure you can see the appeal!  These are all one yard cuts and they got very heavy to tote around the show.  I also picked up a few kits and baubles for making jewelry on my Kumihimo loom.  Can you believe there aren't any batiks?  I will have to remedy that oversight in the near future or maybe I already have.

I should get off the computer and into the studio.  I have things to get done there and more projects to plan.

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  1. What great buys! I adore the hedgehog potholder. You have a great variety of patterns and fabric. Isn't it amazing how some things just seem to jump into our bags?

  2. you certainly had a great shop, maybe it wa just as well you were only there for the day!


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