Monday, August 27, 2012

Imperial Thoughts

Being powerful is like being a lady.  If you have to tell people you are -- you aren't.
Margaret Thatcher

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This and several dozen like it claimed my attention today and probably tomorrow too!  
More about them in a later post.  Like my staging?

Pear with Dramatic Lighting

I do sometimes do other things besides quilting out of necessity.  Moving on to the important stuff now.

Imperial 4 Patch Blocks

I came across this set of blocks a while back on my UFO shelves.  This is a set of Block of the Month Lottery blocks that I won about 20 years ago.  I tried to find the instructions today so I could share the pattern source but no luck so far.  I have one more place to look and I'll add it if I find it.

I had to look at them for a while to figure out which ones I made.  I finally decided it was these two.

My Imperial 4 Patch Blocks

Then I kept looking at one more.  It looked familiar, I knew I had the feather fabric and maybe I had the purple too.  I know I have it now in a green.  Then I turned the blocks over and looked at the thread used.  Sure enough they matched.  I had stitched them with a blue gray and a pale pink not matching the bobbin but just using what was in the machine. So this one was mine too.

Another Block I Made

Looking at these now gives a good snapshot of the fabrics available 20 years ago.  There are a few calicos, some Jinny Beyer, Benartex and RJR prints that I recognize.  Things have really changed.
I have 27 blocks so I could make one more or eliminate a few of the ones that have issues or don't work colorwise.  I could also split them into 2 groups of 12.  I think a group of 15 would be too long but that would use them all.  These are 12" blocks so with a border they would be a generous crib size.  I will be  donating them.

I love asymmetrical blocks like this.  There are so many ways to arrange them.  Just for fun I did a few in a different layout.  Which layout do you like best?  Do you think the purple one should go away?

Not sure the purple block is playing nicely with the others.

My border selections for my Safari quilt need to be made.

Safari Quilt

Want a closer look?

Border Options

On the left is a gold print that would work but I think it might be a little too light.  On the right side is a light rusty orange that looks good.  The gold could perhaps work as an inner border and the zebra print could be cornerstones.  The strips of 2" squares are still hanging there but I still don't think they will work.

Here's a couple of closer shots.  Yes, they do need pressing.

Love the lion's face

Cute little cub!

What choices do you like?  


  1. What an interesting set of blocks. I think I'd have to split up the set and use the darker ones in a quilt together.

  2. Beautiful blocks, I don't think the purple one is playing well either. Love your other quilt too! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion at the River Linky Party Tuesday

  3. Cool design -- I like the layout on the left. But I agree that the purple one is trying to sing it's own song :*) Also you have one block with a very busy background, while the others are simple quiet neutrals. Maybe make a few more purple ones and a few with busy neutrals?

  4. Fun stuff! That pear looks yummy. ;) I like the second layout a lot for your Imperial 4 blocks. I agree, maybe leave out the purple, and maybe even the one on the top above the purple, it seems over all lighter too. But they look great! Cool safari quilt too. My boys would love to look at that! I think I might like the gold color, like in the picture with the lions face. :) Very fun! Thanks so much for linking up!


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