Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Studio

Things are seldom what they seem.
Sir William S. Gilbert

Moda Bake Shop has been have a Link Party for showing off your studio and stash.  I'm coming late to the party but sneaking in before the deadline.  I hear there are some prizes to be awarded too.

Here are a few shots of a few corners of my domain.  My studio inhabits the entire basement of our home.  It is three large rooms and two large closets and an under the stairs closet.  I have a lot of sewing and quilting stuff and I fill the space.  I put in my years sewing in much smaller spaces but after closing my quilt shop I had a good bit of inventory to place.  When two of my children moved out within a month I was able to claim the space and finally unpack things.  I also have a shortarm quilting machine and a longarm quilting machine.  The shortarm is for sale I haven't used it in about 8 years.  The longarm can be seen here.   

Janome 6600

This is my Janome 6600.  I do all my piecing on it unless I'm traveling then I use my Elna Quilter's Dream.  The Janome resides next to my serger.  I mostly use it to finish the edges of fabric before washing and to stitch the edges of quilt tops after they finished to keep them from fraying and seams from coming loose.  I wrote about it in this post.

Elna Serger

Here is my serger corner.  I keep tools within reach, a CD player for my Books on Tape that keep me company, extra thread and the drawer unit on the right also holds some tools and instruction booklets.

My Work Station

Here you can see how I can easily swivel my chair for each machine.  The corner shelf unit holds boxes of extra sewing machine and serger feet and accessories.  The top shelf has a large jar of bindings and a nice quilter doll to keep me company.

Tools on Pegboard Wall

At the opposite end of this room is a sheet of pegboard that holds templates, stencils and a variety of other tools.  You can see the end of the shortarm at the bottom of the picture.  The hot water heater is located to the right of the picture.  The two opposing walls each contain a design wall and they can be seen in a few other posts.

Boxes of Projects

The large closet behind this room holds most of my fabric stash.  Here is two shelf units full of projects all in various stages of completion.

Some of My Fabric Collection

There are many large totes of fabric in the closet as well as fabric on shelves.  Here is a neater section.

Pulling Fabric for a Project Disrupts the Order

This is what happens when I start looking for something.  Those red ones are 50 gallon tubs.  There are six that size, some of them are blue.  Two of them are full of Christmas prints, one is full of fabric for clothing and three are full of large cuts for backings.  There are a few others that are color designated. 

I have a post with pictures of the thread stored in this closet here.  My cutting table and ironing board is located in the main room, sorry no pictures of that.  It is due for a major clean up and put away session.  There is a picture of the end of the cutting table here. 

Well that the tour for today.  Hope you liked it!  I haven't been blogging for long and would be really pleased if you decided to be a follower or just leave a comment.  I'm going to be participating in four blog hops in the next couple of months I hope you will stop by again! 

May all your piecing be peaceful!



  1. Thanks for sharing! It's nice to see someone else suffering from, looking for fabric = disrupting the order.

  2. Hi, I'm over from sew many ways. There's nothing I like more than having a good nosy through peoples sewing spaces. LOLL Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing your studio. I think we all know how that search for that one piece of fabric and destroy the order in an entire room!

  4. Found you on sew Many Ways' link party. Thanks for sharing about your sewing room. yes, just the other day I searched through all of my fabric stash for one scrap piece, lol :)

  5. Linked to you from Sew Many Ways! I love peeking into other quilters sewing room! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks for sharing your studio, looks like a wonderful place to play!


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