Sunday, February 10, 2013

Planning Stage

If you employed study, thinking, and planning time daily, you could develop and use the power that can change the course of your destiny. 
W. Clement Stone

I have not been very productive this week so I decided that it was because I was in the planning phase.  I did manage to do a little shopping and bought a new tool.  Now I have  a 60 degree triangle or maybe even two already but I decided that this smaller one might come in handy.  I don't mind having duplicate tools anyway.  My other two are larger which can make cutting small pieces a little clumsy at times.  I'll make some comparisons and let you know.

60 degree ruler

Why are triangles on my mind?  Have you seen the Dancing Stars Pattern and Quilt Along ?  
For some reason this pattern intrigues me.  Now I'm not a huge fan of paper piecing.  I can do it and I even like to use it for something like my Dr. Whoot pattern.  There are some things that are easier to do with paper piecing.  Odd angles and pictorial blocks for instances.   However, if I can piece something and not have to rip out the paper afterwards I'm happier.

All the pieces in the Dancing Stars Pattern can be cut with this tool.  I laid it on the pattern to see.  It will work and I will check my other tools out too to see how they would do.  I'll let you know which ones will work.

I don't know when I will start this.  I haven't made any decisions about fabrics or colors yet.
I have made a few choices for the next blog hop that I am going to participate in.

Stripes and more stripes

My day will be February 25.

It's raining again.  I'm beginning to feel sunshine deprived.   Since New Year's we have had only a handful of sunny days.  I know we need the rain because we have been in a drought pattern for a few years now but it even rained on the days the weather man said it would be sunny this week.  When it wasn't raining it was still cloudy.  Got any cheese to go with my whine?  LOL

The circle isn't filled in all the way yet.

This is the bunch that started blooming back in January

I'll leave you with these shots of sunny daffodils.  Their blooming season has been extended this year because it keeps going from warm to cold to warm to cold ...  As you can see there are still quite a few that haven't bloomed yet.

Cheers!  Here's to a more productive week for you and ME!

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  1. Your daffodils are beautiful! Looking forward to seeing your Dancing Stars quilt. Visiting from Bold Goods!

  2. here in sunny alberta it is snow-covered and cold--would love to see some daffodils blooming out here, though you don't see them too often as the harsh winters often kill the bulbs unless you dig them up...

  3. beautiful flowers, daffodils are one of my very favorite

  4. One nice thing about cold winters is that we get more sun and the light shining off the white snow really brightens it up. But, I think I'd trade for your daffodils!

  5. Daffodils! You have daffodils!!! We have to be at least a month away from any of those here. I keep telling myself, "Three more weeks, and we can have a hint of Spring." I've lived places where Spring came a lot later than that, but I've also lived in places where February was a riot of Spring Color.

  6. I'm like you.....never too many templates, can't wait to see what you do! Daffodils......I am so looking forward to Spring and flowers, enjoy! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  7. I have a few blooming and it is way to early here.


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