Sunday, October 7, 2012

Something Wicked Block Hop

...the taste of chocolate is a sensual pleasure in itself, existing in the same world as sex... For myself, I can enjoy the wicked pleasure of chocolate...entirely by myself. Furtiveness makes it better. 

Dr. Ruth Westheimer


Well, I can't give you chocolate but I can give you another Wickedly Delicious paper pieced block today. 

It is at last my turn on the month long block hop and I hope you like the block I have designed.  
Before I show it to you I want to say a big THANK YOU to Soma at Whims and Fancies she is and has been doing a great job with this block hop.  As soon as I saw the logo for the hop I knew I wanted to participate and what I wanted to make.

I have mostly used paper piecing to create elements in traditional blocks that are difficult to rotary cut.  I have also made things like five pointed stars and a bird that were designed by someone else.  Designing this block was fun!  I was surprised at how I could create a block from an idea in my head with just a little time doodling in EQ7.  I didn't even refer to a picture while I was doing it either.  I actually came up with several versions.  Maybe I'll share them sometimes.  

EQ7 is a great program to add to your quilting library.  I started using it as EQ4.  It just keeps getting better and better.  Now you can even edit pictures with it.  I'll have to talk about it some more another day.

So let me introduce you to Dr. Whoot.  With a name like that I probably should have given him a bow tie (Dr, Who fans will know why).  I didn't think of it until after the block was done.  Maybe in the next version.

Dr. Whoot

I hope you like him.  Be sure to check out the other blocks being revealed daily through the end of the month.  They are all 10" finished blocks so you can make a big quilt with them.  

You can download the Pattern here is Page 1 and here is Page 2 and Instructions are here.  Download ALL THREE to get everything needed for the block.

And just for fun how about a little chocolate after all.  This was served at a shower I attended Friday.   No recipe but I bet you can figure it out.  It was a so good!

Strawberries, marshmallows, cherries, and pretzels on a
swizzle stick drizzled with Yummy Dipping Chocolate.

If that's not enough to make your mouth water then I'll tell you that my sweet husband gave me a bag of Lindt Lindor Dark Chocolate Truffles on my birthday.  Gotta go now... I here one or is it two of them calling my name!

Yeah, I'm being WICKED!!!

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  1. Your block is a "hoot"--I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That owl is precious and the yummy looking die for! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi!!! Love the owl!!! I will give it a try later!!!! Thanks for the fun!!!! I'll be back soon!!!!

  4. That is an awesome owl, Patricia, I love it! It's very wicked of you to post a picture of that delicious looking treat :)

  5. What a great owl. Thank you for sharing your wickedness.

  6. Your owl is adorable! I think the treat you posted is more wicked than the owl!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. What a cute paper pieced owl! Thanks for sharing!

  8. As a Dr. Who fan, I get it!!! That is great!

  9. I love your owl!!! I can't wait to make these blocks! And I love chocolate too!!!

  10. Oh my how generous of you to give us that adorable pattern.
    I'm downloading him for sure :0)
    thank you so much and Happy Sewing

  11. Who is this lady who makes this wonderful paper piecing owl....Whooo why our very talented Patricia...fine work thanks for the pattern.. You know I will likely do this lol

  12. Sweet owl! Thank you for sharing. Judith, Texas

  13. Neat owl, my daughter-in-law would love this as a pillow. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Your block is wonderful! I love the owl, very nice! Looking forward to making it.

  15. OH MY GOD! That dessert is WICKED! I have to make it :) Thanks for sharing your patterns. I love paper piecing..I find it very relaxing :)

  16. Great pattern. And I think I gained a pound or two by eyeballing your dessert! Thanks so much for sharing -- both treats.

  17. What a great pattern: owls are my thing. Is it possible that you might share the EQ7 file? I would love to make it bigger.

  18. Thank you so much for the owl pattern.

  19. I LOVE owls so was thrilled to find your free pattern! Many thanks!!


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