Thursday, April 4, 2013

April Goals

There is no time like the old time, when you and I were young,
When the buds of April blossomed, and the birds of spring-time sung!
The gardens brightest glories by summer suns are nursed,
But oh, the sweet, sweet violets, the flowers that opened first!
There is no place like the old place, where you and I were born,
Where we lifted first our eyelids on the splendors of the morn
From the milk-white breast that warmed us, from the clinging arms that bore,
Where the dear eyes glistened o'er us that will look on us no more!
There is no friend like the old friend, who has shared our morning days,
No greeting like his welcome, no homage like his praise:
Fame is the scentless sunflower, with gaudy crown of gold;
But friendship is the breathing rose, with sweets in every fold.
There is no love like the old love, that we courted in our pride;
Though our leaves are falling, falling, and were fading side by side,
There are blossoms all around us with the colors of our dawn,
And we live in borrowed sunshine when the day-star is withdrawn.
There are no times like the old times, they shall never be forgot!
There is no place like the old place, keep green the dear old spot!
There are no friends like our old friends, may Heaven prolong their lives!
There are no loves like our old loves, God bless our loving wives!
Oliver Wendell Holmes

A lovely choir of Iris is singing of Spring
in my yard this week.

When I was looking for a quote for my previous post I found the one above.  I really love the imagery!  I don't think I've ever read it before.  Spring does make me a little homesick for times gone by.  I went by the farm where I grew up a couple of weeks ago.  I wanted to take a few pictures of the flowers.  Mother always loved to make things grow.  The irises above were transplanted from her yard.  The following flowers were blooming at the farm.

A trio of late daffodils

Fluffy pink azaleas

Pale magenta azaleas
A few white ones were peaking out

These intrigued me because the freckles and deep shades
were only on half the blossom
This Spring has been a little slow coming here in Georgia.  Just when it starts to warm up we get another cold snap.  This week had so far felt more like Spring but it's raining and cold again.

Love the artsy bokeh shot
of the forsythia
I haven't been using my new camera much for blogging but I took these flower shots with it.  I had forgotten how much I love it.  It's just a bit of overkill in file size for blog pix.  Bokeh, for those who don't know, is the word for the blurred background in photos.  My In Laws had a huge forsythia bush when they lived in Georgia 30 years ago.  This one at the farm is rather small.  We have planted a couple in our yard but they have died each time so my husband has given up on them.  The only time I like them is when they bloom anyway.  They aren't very attractive the rest of the year IMHO.

April came in bearing bad news.  My Mother in Law has been suffering from Alzheimer's for a few years now.  She is now in the last stages and hospice has been called.  She will turn 80 on the 12th of this month if she lasts that long.  This is a horrible disease.    

Mother loved Camillas.  Most of them were past there prime but I found a few.  The one below is the palest of pinks and the petals are waxy feeling.

Enough with the flower show.  I guess you cold people up North are drooling for Spring now.  LOL
If it's any comfort it is in the low 40s here today.

Now on to some quilty content.

Goals for March:
  1. Hand stitch binding on Mystery Quilt - not a stitch made
  2. Get Borders on Kid's Quilt - still on the list
  3. Finish Orange and Blue Tumbler Top - still on the design wall
  4. Quilt small Charity quilt on Longarm to see how knee holds up to the movement - DONE!!!
  5. Finish Baby Blanket - do a tutorial for blog on the technique - almost finished
  6. Get started on quilt for new grandson coming in May - STARTED but not liking it for the baby

Goals for April:  I'll make it VERY light this month.  We will be doing some traveling this month, some planned and perhaps some unplanned as yet due to the situation above.  I'll be surprised if I get to turn on a machine a dozen times.
  1. Hand stitch binding on Mystery Quilt - this will travel well
  2. Finish Orange and Blue Tumbler Top - I need to move it out of the room so DH can paint
  3. Finish Baby Blanket - I should be able to finish it in less than 30 minutes
  4. Make a NEW start on a quilt for new grandson - he might show up this month
NOW, I've been dropping a few hints and some of you have guessed what else I purchased at the Expo.  They say nice things come in little boxes but I know that some pretty great things can come in BIG BOXES too.  This is what showed up in my large enclosed storage space garage last week.

The LONG and TALL and very HEAVY

How about a closer look

Contents are assembled and will be revealed after a few finishing touches are completed.

So whatcha think about my NEW TOY and post?  Leave me a comment and let me know.

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  1. Love your photos we are still waiting for the daffodils to come out, so only snowdrops to show here!

    Hope your M-I-L has a peaceful and comfortable end.

    That box looks very daunting from here :)

  2. Wow that is just an enormous box!
    I wish you good luck and lots of energy to handle this month!

  3. Sorry about your mom. That cannot be an easy thing.

    Your flowers are gorgeous...

    Please add a sentence in your post about the linky party and link back to my blog please. then your friends can come and play as well. Thank you so much.

    Here is the link to make it easier for you.

  4. WOOOOHOOOO!!!!! Welcome to the Innova family!!!! I have had my Innova for four and a half years and LOVE IT!!!!! Your box is MUCH larger than my box, so I'm thinking you got one of the big girls :) I am looking forward to seeing pictures of your new best friend when you have everything all set up!!!!


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