Saturday, July 13, 2013

Want to Have Some Fun?

Make a memory with your children,
Spend some time to show you care;
Toys and trinkets can't replace those
Precious moments that you share.
Money doesn't buy real pleasure,
It doesn't matter where you live;
Children need your own attention,
Something only you can give.
Childhood's days pass all too quickly,
Happy memories all too few;
Plan to do that special something,
Take the time to go or do.
Make a memory with your children,
Take the time in busy days;
Have some fun while they are growing,
Show your love in gentle ways.
Elaine Hardt

The Summer is rolling along, so far it has been filled with more rain than heat, but let's not talk about the humidity or the mosquitoes.  If you need some fun things to do this weekend here are a few suggestions.  Some of these can be done with kids if you have a few underfoot.

It's day TWO of the Christmas in July blog hop.  If you didn't get over to see the pillow Amy Made yesterday you need to hop on over!  Today you absolutely must pop in to see what Amanda's Joy and Gingerbread Men are like! 

Now be sure to tune in at the The Crafty Quilter for the next few days to keep up with the Christmas in July Hop.  My days is coming soon so I must dash to the studio to get my project finished.  

In case the projects above inspire you and you still need to give those underfoot an activity you might suggest that they work on this list for a while.  Make sure they take a camera along to record the fun.  Let me know what the results are.  Of course, I'm assuming you can unplug them from their electronic devices for a while. ;-)  Good luck with that!


  1. Love your list Patricia. Very funny! Made my day.

  2. Great list Patricia, I would definitely be up for the last one :)


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