Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December Gifts and Finishes

One of the greatest gifts
That life can give to anyone
Is the very special love that families share...
As years go by,
It's good to know that there will always be
Certain people in our lives who care.
For there are countless things
That only families have in common
And memories that no one else can make...
And these precious ties that bind a family together
Are bonds that time and distance cannot break.
How fortunate we are
When we have relatives to love us,
It makes the world a happy place to be...
Few gifts in life
Will last as long
Or touch the heart as deeply
As the very special gift
Of family.

Craig S. Tunks

It's been a busy month and I didn't have a lot of time for blogging about all that I was getting done.  I was able to finish up a few gifts in time for giving them.  There were still more things that I had hoped to get done but that's OK.  I will be working on them later.

First to get started was several pillows (cushions for my UK friends).  As I was reorganizing my studio I came across some fake fur that I've had for a few years.  I've never sewn on fake fur so it was a new experience for me.  The pillow turned out great.  I made 2 - 20 inch ones and one 16 inch one.  Here is a picture of 2 of them.  You can tell by how they are being held that they were a hit.

Fur pillows

I also found a garden seed tapestry panel and piece of cotton with a seed theme print.  The two were just made to go together.  I added a little denim to border the tapestry and a zipper to the back.  A nice fat piping finished the edges and I had a nice 20 inch pillow all made from the stash.

Garden Seeds Pillow Front

Pillow Back

One funny thing about giving away four pillows that I had made as gifts was that one of the first gifts I opened was four pillows for my living room from my son and DIL.  They were purchased but they match my decor perfectly.  I'm sure I will remember this Christmas as the year of the pillows. LOL

I also put the finishing touches to the binding and ties on the Hexagonal Tree Skirt I made back in July.  I finished up that one on Christmas Day, nothing like waiting till the last minute but it was done in time for gifting.  I bet some of you were doing the same thing too.

Finished Tree Skirt
I am always amazed at how much the finished binding adds to a project.  I was really pleased with how the points at the corners turned out nice and sharp too.

See the Bow Closure?

Tie at the center

Machine Stitched Binding

I also finished up a tapestry piece for myself.  This was the easiest project of the year.  All I had to do was trim and stitch the ends into nice points.

Tapestry Table Runner

A nice point
I had one other finish this month but no picture.  I did the binding and hanging sleeve on the landscape log cabin quilt that I quilted earlier this Fall.  You can see the quilting on the back of it HERE.

One last thing to share.  Back before Thanksgiving I picked up this potted poinsettia plant arrangement at the grocery store.  It was a little expensive but I loved the peach color.  I thought it may have been dyed and I'm pretty sure now that it was since the new leaves are white.  When I first brought it home it only hung over the edges of the bucket it is in a little like the back side does now in the picture above. Look at it now!  I've really enjoyed it.  I'm trying to keep it alive, it takes a lot of water.  I'll probably separate the different plants and repot it in the spring.  It has a peace lily and a schefflera in it too.

It is so pretty!

I love the mini schefflera! 

Well, that the finishes for the month.  It was a good ending for the year.  I hope your year finished off nicely too!


  1. Nice tree skirt! I have been meaning to make one for a donkeys age, and have never got around to it. I popped in via Lily's Quilts :-)

  2. Beautiful tree skirt and I have made mine that tie like that too. Your flowers are so neat and match the tapestry runner perfectly!! I received my package of goodies from you yesterday, thanks so much! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  3. You had a lot of beautiful finishes this month! Whoop whoop for you!!

  4. I love the pillow idea! I have a bunch of leftover minky pieces and your fur pillow gave me the inspiration to use those for a pillow cover. Can't wait to work on that! :)


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