Monday, February 3, 2014

Goals for February

The true secret of happiness lies in the taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life. 
William Morris

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January is gone and February is off to a sunny start.  It rained this morning for a while but we could go out yesterday without a coat.  Nice!  I don't think the cold is gone for long though.  Spring is coming, it can't stay cold forever.

I spent a good bit of time in the studio last month but I didn't get anything finished. SIGH!
I allowed myself some time playing and piecing.  I also spent some time planning a few NEW PROJECTS, not that I needed any more to do.  I just have to PLAY and what I have the most fun with is planning something NEW.  Anyone else have that problem?

The most exciting NEW PROJECT is the Fab 4 Quilt Along I planned.  You can read about it in yesterday's post.  I do hope some of you will join me!  I will have details up in the next day or two.

These were my goals for January.  I think I will just roll them over for this month because I made very little progress. Progress is noted in blue.

1. Grandson's quilt finish top, quilt and bind. I've got the border ready to sew on at least.
2. Tribble Trouble quilted  Backing made.
3. Bow Tie #1 quilted  Backing made.
4. Bow Tie #2 quilted
5. Applique quilt quilted
6. Charity Plaid Tumblers quilted
7. Do some embroidery on my machine.  Still haven't played with the new toy, sigh.
8. Design baby quilt. Baby comes in June, need to get started.
9. Cut out a quilt with the Accuquilt Studio cutter. Yes, I did that!

For February I'll be adding:

10. Get the Fab 4 Quilt Along Quilt made, photographed and ALL the posts done.
11. Get the Rainbow Scrap Challenge Block(s) made.
12. Make a few UFO Block of the Month blocks.

So just what did I spend my time doing?  Well I got a little ironing done.  There is always a large pile of fabric that I've pre-washed waiting for that.

I played with some of the Block of the Month blocks that I had designed when I had my shop and never finished.  I want to finish them because they fill several large containers in the studio.  I may even share some of the patterns with you in the future but I have to get them done first.  It took a while to sort out which fabrics went with which blocks.  I thought I had them all organized but I guess not.

I found one block that I could cut out the pieces with the Accuquilt Studio.  That was fun and they turned out so tidy and neat.  I still need to press the block.

I worked on my half square triangle quilt that I had started with a charm square bundle.  They are now all flying geese units.  Not liking this arrangement it's too scrappy for the chevrons.  I have a few more to correct and then I think I'll put them in rows of geese.  If it needs sashing strips between the rows I'm going to have to do some more digging in the stash.  That's what's on the design wall today.

I put one border together for the baby quilt.

I decided I didn't like it.  It was to heavy and dark.  So I tried again. It took all the focus off the star blocks.  I stared at it for days and it didn't work for me.

I think this one will work.  I left out all the solids and just used the dots.  I will add another border of the white dotted background to the outer edge.  The stars will remain the focus now.  But there is more to the story.  

Remember I said I had enough parts for another quilt?  Well I sewed the blocks together using 4 colors in each one.  I really like them much better.  Here they are pinned on top of the other blocks.  I need to decide how to sew them together.  Do I want the same arrangement or try something different?

There are 2 of each combination but by turning them differently it isn't obvious at all.  What do you think?

I did get busy and cut out a bunch of strips with the Accuquilt Studio Cutter.  This is the block I made for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  You can read more about it HERE.  I have several other projects planned to work on for that challenge too.

This is more than enough to keep me busy for the month.  Now if I can just get some finished I will feel better about having so many projects underway.

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  1. Looks like you had fun even though you did not get to many completions.

  2. you have been busy, immaculate piecing on the first block and the stars are wonderful, ,like the arrangement for the border now you have adjusted it, it works better than the first ides which as you said distracted the eyes from the stars. Geese are coming along well too

  3. Seems to me you've been very busy with all your projects!

  4. You might not have "finished" anything this month but you sure did get a lot accomplished! I love the polka dot fabric border the best!

  5. Is the blue RSC block your own design? I really love it. The twirling star blocks look great.

  6. Great blocks / projects. Looks like you will be busy this month!

  7. For someone who didn't think they had finished much in January there are an awful lot of great projects in your round up, looks like there are even more coming up too :)


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