Sunday, June 3, 2012

May Color Palette Challenge

I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.
Thomas Alva Edison

I didn't need any more new projects but when Judy Laquidara of started talking about her feather lessons I knew I wanted to try to do it.  I had bought this tulip print in the last year or two because I loved the colors. When I was starting to pull together some stash fabrics for the Carpenter's Star quilt she is using for the lessons the tulips jumped right out at me.  I just happened to have some batiks that matched nearby and so I was soon cutting triangles.  After I started working on it I realized that it was close to the colors in the May Color Palette Challenge that Vicki Welsh is putting together. It still isn't a finished top but the center is together.

Carpenter's Star Center

Vicki has a great blog that I have been reading for years.  She is currently doing a color lesson of Fridays that is great.  I also won a giveaway of a years membership to the Quilt Show from her blog back in March.  It was the first time I won anything from a blog in all the years I been entering.  Thanks Vicki I love getting to watch Alex and Ricky!  When I was trying to find the green narrow border fabric I could only find this one in my stash, the color was close to what I was looking for but I didn't like the print.

First Border Choice

So I went out to look for something better and came home with this:

Second Border Choice

After looking at it on the design wall I decided that there was too much blue in the green to go with the warm colors in the rest of the quilt.  Although it matched the tulip print very well it just didn't work with the yellows, oranges and plum tones.  A few days later I came home with this print:

Third Choice A Winner!

The very next day Vicki had this post which explains why it worked.  Isn't it great when your decisions are affirmed! Nice to know I have not forgotten what I learned in my Art classes all those decades ago too!


  1. I'm so glad you are enjoying The Quilt Show and I love your palette quilt. Great move with the change in green. Looks fab!

  2. Love the fabric selection and your centrepiece looks amazing!


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