Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Slow! Construction Zone

You don't just luck into things as much as you'd like to think you do.  You build step by step, whether it's friendships or opportunities.
Barbara Bush

I really can do more complicated quilts than this!  I just wanted to show you something I recently finished. It follows in the line of yesterday's post also.  Here is a quick quilt I made for my grandson.  I saw the panel and it just screamed LITTLE BOY PLAY QUILT to me.  I also purchased some fat quarters of transportation prints, a half yard of a co-ordination print, a fat quarter stack of flannels and a remnant with the same theme.

Construction Zone

The center panel gives a place to drive the trucks on and the border is wide enough to park them on.

Quilting Close Up

Just a large stipple for quilting although I did add his name in the borders.  Black seemed the best choice for binding at the time but after washing maybe not. (Note to self:  Black shows lint from flannel ever so well.)

Flannel Back of Construction Zone

Here's the back, I had to run out and buy the gears and wrenches to finish it up. 
Not much fabric left over from this project Yeah!

Great to see it being used!

Now the action shot.  Want to play?  Looks like fun!

Tips for working with panel prints:

1) They will not be square or have 90 degree angles.  Either ignore that or work around it by adding borders that can be trimmed square.
2) Look for co-ordinates, they are usually printed with matching prints that can be used for backings, pillows or curtains.  This is great if you are working on a nursery or kids room.
3) If you can't find them at your quilt shop look in the chain stores, country or general stores with fabric, yard sales or thrift stores.
4) Use them to practice your free motion quilting, back with whatever you have on hand and you will have a bonus charity quilt or something for the 'I need a gift quick' closet.

How have you used panels?  I'll have to share how I've used the smaller panels soon.

Check it out!


  1. So cute, and thanks for the tips. I have some panels stashed away somewhere I wanted to do something with, I just haven't got the courage just yet.

  2. Very cute! And definitely will be well loved. I've got one in my to-do pile for a friend, but it keeps getting pushed down the list.


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