Tuesday, June 26, 2012

St. Simons Island

Joy shared it twice the joy.  Sorrow shared is half the sorrow.
Swedish Proverb

St. Simon's Lighthouse

We made a quick trip to the coast for a wedding. We just had to go since the grand twins were in it!  Their aunt got married.  The last time we were there was sometime in the 90's.  I don't remember the year but things around the lighthouse have changed a lot!  There is a new sea wall, a small water park and a putt-putt course.  The weather was perfect!  Not hot and a wonderful breeze.

St. Simon's Beach

The tide was in so there was only a few feet of beach to be seen.  Time was limited so I just got to take a few quick pictures, watch the twins putt-putt a little then it was time to go get dressed for the wedding.

The Bride and Groom Arrive!

This is how the bride and groom arrived at the reception.  The dock was under the building where the party was about to get started.  They had a great live band!  I even managed to drag DH onto the dance floor for part of a song.  The twins danced too, they were so cute.  We were really glad we made the trip!

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  1. I'm not sure I would have gotten in a boat in my wedding dress but it sure does look lovely!


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