Monday, December 24, 2012

Crazy Quilted Stockings Beginnings

From small beginnings come great things. 


Thank You! Thank You! for making the



My guests left and I have time for one more post.  This is one that I should have done a little earlier but I didn't have the pictures made until Saturday.  Perhaps I whetted your appetite for them and now you want to try making one or two.  If that is true I have a few tips and a several that are in process.  These are some I started as teaching samples and have not yet finished.

One thing I learned along the way was to start with a foundation slightly larger than the finished stocking.  This is true whether you are Crazy Quilting or even when Strip or String Piecing.  The process on either a muslin or batting foundation can shrink or distort the shape of the stocking.  This will be obvious when you try to join it to the backing (ask me how I know).  In order to prevent this problem start with the enlarged foundation, do your piecing and then cut it to the pattern shape and size.

If you have added any hand stitching or embellishments make sure the knots or back stitching will not be cut off or damaged when trimming.  You don't want your hard work to come unraveled.  Any beading that is would fall under the presser foot when sewing should be added AFTER the seams are sewn.

Stocking Front

Detail Shot

Here machine and hand are used. 

More piecing to do on this one.

Started with a distorted hexagon.

Heavy Piece of Fabric is the focus of this one.

This is the back side of the top piece.

There are no rules.  You can see I have mixed all kinds of fabrics.  Embellishments can be done by hand or machine.  Lace, trims, buttons, appliques, charms, beads, silk ribbons, jewelry bits... any or all or none can be used.

Let me state that I am NOT an expert Crazy Quilter!  There are many bloggers on the web who do absolutely wonderful work that I can't hold a candle to.  Look around at them and join their groups if you like it.  I just want to have fun with the techniques and I think Christmas Stockings are a fun place to play with them.

I'll announce the WINNERS on the 26th.  I seem to have other plans for the 25th.  LOL


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