Friday, March 1, 2013

Marching On

March on. Do not tarry. To go forward is to move toward perfection. March on, and fear not the thorns, or the sharp stones on life's path. 

Kahlil Gibran

How can it be March already?  My to do list was longer than my month.  I did get a few things done on my February Goals list.  I will hopefully get a little more done this month.  I had my last physical therapy session yesterday.  Going out twice a week for that took away from my sewing time some but I can now go up a flight of stairs but I haven't yet got the confidence to go down.  That movement is still a little jerky.  I go up and down 1 or 2 steps O.K. but I am not ready to go down a dozen by myself yet.  Did I mention the steps in my house are 7 3/4" high.  That's like the max of building code I think.  I have loaded a small quilt on my longarm so I'll find out how that movement goes next week.

Another reason my quilting output for the month was down is because of all the rain we've had.  I'm blaming the lack of sunshine for a major reading binge.  Hey, it's better than some other vices.  I'll share some of the better prose I went through soon.  Needless to say with all the clouds and rain I wanted something bright and cheery.  Look what I picked up at the grocery store last week.

Pink Hyacinths

When I got them they weren't open.  I didn't have a clue about what color they would be.  The ones that were beside them were royal blue.  I thought these might be purple.  I was surprised with pink.  The house was filled with their delightful aroma for a few days.  By the end of the week they were past their prime.

Sunshine made them glow.

My husband has planted them in the yard now.  Hopefully they will grow and be beautiful again next year.  

Back to my goals for the month of February.  Here where my goals and progress for the month:
  1. Blog Hop Quilt for It's all about me - DONE
  3. Get Borders on a Kid's Quilt - NO PROGRESS
  4. Finish Sewing Orange and Blue Tumbler Top Together - STILL ON THE DESIGN WALL
  5. Flannel Baby Blanket - ALMOST COMPLETED

Ready for hand stitching

Goals for March:
  1. Hand stitch binding on Mystery Quilt
  2. Get Borders on Kid's Quilt
  3. Finish Orange and Blue Tumbler Top
  4. Quilt small Charity quilt on Longarm to see how knee holds up to the movement
  5. Finish Baby Blanket - do a tutorial for blog on the technique
  6. Get started on quilt for new grandson coming in May

Possibly a baby quilt

I have a lot of plaids to use

I also have some other blog posts I've been trying to get pictures for.  They are coming along slowly.  Today I went to a quilt show and found a few new goodies.  I'll share them soon.

These are two of the quilts I liked.  Apparently the judges did too.

The BIG NEWS for the day is to announce the WINNER of my GIVEAWAY. The random number generator picked number 112.   Congratulations Suze!  You will being getting a pack of Thangles.

I became a new follower. For triangles, I usually, take a square and sew the 1/4" on each side of the diagonal and then cut on the diagonal. For a long time, I didn't realize that I needed to square up the new squares. I wasn't taught that and I guess whoever taught me (whether in a class, book, or pattern) thought it was square enough (at least for government work). I'm doing a block of the month through a LQS and one of the clerks is doing a monthly demo of the blocks. She loves the triangles on a roll. A friend and I bought a roll together last month. I haven't tried them yet as I didn't have enough fabric for one of my two blocks. Saturday she reiterated how much she likes using the paper for the triangles, so I guess I'll sure give that a try. She does beautiful work. You are very generous with your giveaway. I hope you continue to do blog hops and inspire us.

 I'm linking up with:  Lily's Quilts and Quilt Story and From Blank Pages and Patchwork Times and Cat Patches and Pig Tales and Quilts and Richard and Tanya Quilts


  1. Congratulations to Suze. I've used both brands of paper triangles, and Triangulations software, too. I think I prefer Thangles but TOR work fine, too. If you make smaller stitches, fold before snapping the paper off.

    I love your supply of plaids! That would be a great quilt that would grow with a child. I hope your quilting session goes well. The flowers are beautiful, and mine are still coming up every spring here in TN. They will soon be popping out, as I can see bits of pink in the green. They are not as hardy as the crocus and tulips, though.

  2. A new grandbaby how wonderful. I just had a new grandbaby 7 days ago. I am over the moon. Sophia Ann is beautiful.
    Can not wait to see what you purchased at the quilt show.
    I found your blog on The Monthly TO Do List link. Kathleen

  3. Those Hyacinths are beautiful!! We are in the throws of reworking our gardens for this year and I can hardly wait!

    Thank you for linking up to the March To Do List on my blog!

  4. I adore hyacinths, I used to have them in the garden outside my laundry room at our old house and loved opening the window to gently scent the room! Along with lilacs... both are wonderful.

  5. Thank you for the Thangles. They just came in the mail today. I'm excited to get to use them. I'm going to Albuquerque to visit two of my grandsons. They younger (and youngest of all our three grandsons) is turning two this week. Grandchildren are wonderful. Again, thanks.


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