Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Great Adventure Continues

Only those are fit to live who do not fear to die; and none are fit to die who have shrunk from the joy of life and the duty of life. Both life and death are parts of the same Great Adventure. 
Theodore Roosevelt

It has been a busy month.  One filled with all parts of the Great Adventure we call life.   I'm looking forward to a new month starting tomorrow and making progress on a long list of projects and chores that have been neglected by my attention and presence being required in other places.  

Family matters demanded attention and time.  There was time to visit with the newest one.  There was time to visit with all my siblings at the same time, which doesn't happen but a couple of times a year.  There was time spent with the in-laws which rarely happens but was bittersweet.

Father's Day WeekendHe's growing so fast!

This was my view the week of the 20th while Mr. CPA took CPE classes.  I kept my sewing machine humming along as I worked on piecing the blocks below.

Hotel View

Blocks made

Now to plan the setting

Last Wednesday we were looking at flowers but not the arrangements you take pleasure in seeing.  My Mother-in-Lay is in a much better place now.  Alzheimer's is an awful disease!


We got home Thursday and Friday I had to run errands and buy food.  The fridge was pretty bare since I had not stocked anything since well before leaving on our first trip out of town.  So we now have food and I only have one errand to do so far this week so I plan on getting some quilting done.  Time for a lot of fabric therapy!  Progress will be made on the piecing and quilting list!  Hopefully I'll find a little time for blogging too!  There is a cuddle session planned on the Fourth with the grand kids too!  Mr. CPA and I need some extra hugs and kisses for making it through June. 

So on with the Great Adventure in a new month and the beginning of the second half of the year!  More details about what's coming in July soon!


  1. Sorry to hear of your loss. Hope July is a better month for you than June was.

  2. So sorry for your loss. The little one is sooooo cute though! July is going to be awesome!

  3. Sincere condolences on the passing of your mother. We lost my MIL last fall but we really lost her about 8 years earlier. She had been in a wonderful care facility after my sister in law and her family could no longer support her needs. Alzheimers is a dreadful illness- We found that we finally got to remember her as she was and all the special things about her rather than the sadness that existed from her debilitating illness.

    My deepest sympathies for your loss. Time cannot go fast enough to heal the pain.
    Your new blocks are gorgeous!!
    All my best to you and your family,
    Christina in Cleveland

  5. So, so sorry :( Sending all the best wishes your way!

  6. Life certainly has its own agenda sometimes. I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope you recover from your hectic June and that July brings you peace and more sewing time!
    Julie @ The Crafty Quilter


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