Monday, September 2, 2013

Internet problems

I had planned to start the EQ 7 giveaway this weekend. However, I am having problems with my Internet modem. Hopefully a new one will be here in a couple of days and I will be back in blog land again. 

I'm writing this on my phone but I don't want to do a long post this way. Can't add pictures that are on my computer this way. 

I'll be back online soon I hope. So far over 2 hours on the phone hasn't made it happen yet. ;-(

I'm glad my 2 sons are all grown and self supporting but some days I really miss having a geek in the house!!!


  1. Technology problems and teenage boys are always a good combination! Hope you get your internet problems sorted out soon.

  2. FYI I got to read your post! See you soon with pics, best wishes!


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