Friday, September 6, 2013

Still no Internet

I still have no Internet.  After more than 4 hours on the phone it has been decided that the problem is in the phone line somewhere.  There is supposed to be an actual person coming to fix it Monday!!  Hopefully it want be too costly to resolve. Of course this means I probably didn't need the new router (which I can't return) or a new modem. 

I really miss all of my blogging friends!!!  I hope you have missed me a little bit too ;-)

Hope to get back with you Monday!


  1. Why are these things never straightforward Patricia? Hope you are up and running again soon. Of course you are missed!

  2. Hope you are connected soon. My did we do things before the Internet?

  3. we have missed you , hope every thing is fixed soon

  4. We miss you and we'll all be waiting for you to get your internet back! Strange how dependent we have become on it and just how awful withdrawal from it is!!! Hope you don't have to put any more money into getting it figured out!!


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