Monday, September 30, 2013

Let's Hear It for the Winners!

All winning teams are goal-oriented. Teams like these win consistently because everyone connected with them concentrates on specific objectives. They go about their business with blinders on; nothing will distract them from achieving their aims. 
Lou Holtz

I wanted to let you know the Winners from the Quilts in the Pumpkin Patch Blog Hop.  Each of you will get a fat quarter of the scarecrow fabric.  Congratulations to Heidi and Joanna!

We got to spend a little quality time with the newest football fan in the family Saturday.  He is growing like a weed!  Maybe he wants to be a linebacker.  At just 4 months he is weighting in at over 19 lbs.  What do you think?  Georgia won by the way.  No doubt because he was rooting for them or was he just going for the monkey?

It is the end of another month already if you can believe it.  Where has 2/3 of this year gone?
I thought I'd link up with Barbara's NewFO at Catpatches for the month.  I missed it last month due to internet problems.  I started to cut up some of Misty's kerchiefs.  Each time she goes to the groomer she gets a new one and I've been saving most of them.  I finally got them pressed recently and started cutting them into half square triangles.  I think I will make some quarter square triangles too since the pile on the left is what was left.  I'm just adding a few fabrics, the paw prints so far.  I have a dog bone print and a couple of doggy prints too.  I'm thinking of making 2 quilts and giving one to her groomer.

So it seems that this post has kind of 'gone to the dogs' in theme so I guess there is only one thing left to say...



  1. Congratulations to the winner. My that is a big boy! Love his pants! I have a nephew who is about the same age and weight. A grandson who is almost 2 months old and almost 13 lbs. I think we need to get these boys together to go to college together. They would be unstoppable!

  2. Thank you so much. That fabric Is charming. As is your little football fan.

  3. Glad to see your internet problems are now behind you Patricia. Love the photo of your youngest fan

  4. Cute fabrics, Cute baby, Cute quilt he's lying on!

  5. What a cute little outfit on the baby. How come they don't make cute stuff like that for adults? I'd wear it! Your doggy ought to be very happy with those new kerchiefs.


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