Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Blogger's Quilt Festival - Oak at Sunrise

The greatest achievements were at first and for a time dreams. The oak sleeps in the acorn. 

James Allen

I excited to finally get to participate in the Blogger's Quilt Festival.   Amy has created a big event in the quilter's blogging world and if you want to see a lot of great quilts hop over and check out the link above after you read about My Favorite Quilt.

I would like to welcome all new visitors to my blog.  If you haven't been here before I hope you will take a little time to poke around a bit.  It has been a busy fall for me and I have been in several blog hops.  There are tutorials and free patterns that you can check out and some pictures of quilts, flowers and landscapes for eye candy.  I hope you enjoy them!

I couldn't decide at first which quilt to show.  If you have been reading my blog lately you have already seen this one.  Since I didn't get anything new finished I thought I'd share it again along with how it came to be made.

Oak at Sunrise

Several years ago I was in charge of a Guild Challenge.  I had read about an idea for a challenge on one of the internet groups I am in and decided to use it.  Everyone drew a bag that contained two crayons.  They could use any value of the crayons, light to dark, and add a background fabric.  My two colors were a golden yellow and a rich dark brown.

The idea of an oak tree came to me.  I drew inspiration from a number of pictures and drawings of oaks and came up with the tree.  I don't usually do a lot of applique but this seemed to flow.  I had a small selection of yellows that gradated in color and added several batiks and prints to the mix.  I tried to convey the sunrise sky behind the tree and the darkness still in the foreground.  The flying geese in the side borders reflect the idea of light rising.

Variegated Cotton Thread used for Quilting

Straight Line Quilting around Geese and Borders

Rayon Thread used for Satin Stitching

Freemotion Quilting done on my Longarm

Vintage Paisley Print on the Back

Quilt Measures 31 3/4" Wide x 36 3/4" Long

Techniques:  Satin Stitched Fusible Applique,  
Pieced Flying Geese and Background

Made and Quilted by Patricia Lines

Categories:  Wall Quilt, Applique Quilt, Two Color Quilt

That's the tale of my Oak at Sunrise Quilt #510 in the Festival.  I hope you enjoyed it!

If you made it this far take a peek at the previous post for a HAPPY HALLOWEEN smile!!


  1. This is just lovely. So creative. Thanks for sharing your beautiful piece and story. Have a great day

  2. This is really great, i love the colors:))

  3. Beautiful quilt and applique! I love the colors and fabrics used!

  4. Love this quilt - fall colors are my favorite!

  5. This is absolutely beautiful! It reminds me of the work of an artist in BC named David Langevin...

  6. I love this. Great use of the colors on the quilt.

  7. Gorgeous quilt! I love the gradient background! Thank you for sharing your story behind the quilt too, I love to read how people are inspired to create their quilts. Love that vampire car too! ;)

  8. Beautiful the colors and fabrics!! (you've got my vote)

  9. What a lovely creation. The quilting complements it too.


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