Friday, October 12, 2012

Random Thoughts Thursday

If you apply reason and logic to this career of mine, you're not going to get very far. You simply won't. The journey has been incredible from its beginning. So much of life, it seems to me, is determined by pure randomness. 

Sidney Poitier

Our Maple is starting to turn red

Maples were by far the favorite fall tree in my comments on the Glorious Autumn Block Party Post.  If you haven't read the tutorial there you should check it out.  You can download the pattern for the block too.

Cindy over at Live a Colorful Life has a linky party called Really Random Thursdays.  I will be adding this post there today.   She has a video link to The Piano Guys there today.  I had seen them on TV a few days ago.  They are AWESOME.

Asian Lilies, they are even brighter Orange than this!

So here are my Really Random Ramblings for the day.   I have had a few really busy weeks with blogging.  It has been a lot of fun and a lot of work.  I am planning to take it a little slower for a week or so.  I have some commitments in the real world that require my attention.  I'll let you know about them a little later.

This week as been a little cooler with some temperatures in the 50s at night.  A sure sign Fall is coming.  It will be back up in the 80s during the daytime for a while still more trees are starting to show some color.  I can't wait to take a ride through the mountains of North Georgia but that is still a few weeks off.


My Dear Husband has planted some pansies in the flower pots around the yard.  He works very hard to keep our yard looking good.  I thought I'd share pictures of the flowers and some a few other things from our yard.

Elephant Ears

My youngest, 20 something son, called and asked why politicians can't give a straight answer to a simple question.  My response was that it was because most of them are lawyers...  He went on to question why the government can't get things done.  My response to that was that we are governed by committee.  You know the one about a camel being a horse built by committee right?  I'm not airing any political alignments here, not going there at all, just trying to share what I've learned over the years with my son.  Frankly, I'm a little shocked that he came up out of his AI studies to notice there were debates going on... oh yeah, he saw it on Facebook.

They were huge this year!
As long as my arm!

This one had a slit in it so I tucked
an apple tree leaf in it for scale.

Speaking of Facebook, I still can't figure out how to do much on it.  My personal page I can work with a little but the one I've set up to link to my blog (which I haven't done yet) works differently and I can't figure it out.  There are some things I can't figure out on Pinterest too.  That's as far as I go with social networking.  I don't have a smart phone yet so I'm not even touching tweets or instagrams or 1001 other things out there.  Not even sure I want to.  All this stuff takes more time which leaves less time for quilting.  Right?

Angel Trumpets

An Inside View

Our Angel Trumpets always bloom late and usually get killed by the frost before most of them even open.  We've had only 4 blooms so far.  My son's is below and it is mostly done blooming. I think he inherited my Mother's Green Thumb.

Many blooms are on the ground already.

A delicate Pink

Can you hear the Angel's Trumpet?
A feast for the senses.
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  1. Patricia, Those are just beautiful. I especially love the trumptet flowers. I've never seen so many on a plant before AND pink! That is new to me totally. Do you know if they can be started with a slip or divided? I probably can't keep them alive with our climate here, but I'd sure like to try.

  2. Beautiful photos Patricia.

    Well Facebook is finally good for something if it got your son thinking about the political process! I am with you too on all of the various media eating into quilting time, but maybe that is my age talking :)

  3. Gorgeous pics.. Can you share with me some Angel Trumpet seeds.. what I bought here in TX or what they sold me is a moon flower........


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