Sunday, January 13, 2013

Faux Binding

A picture is a poem without words. 


Look what popped up in my yard yesterday.  Looks like we've had our 2 weeks of winter, although there might be a little more coming soon.  We've had a few days on 70's in the last week or so.  The trees will start blooming soon if this keeps up.

Spring is Coming 

Other bulbs are coming up too.

Close up of Faux Binding

In my previous post I mentioned using Faux Binding on the small wall quilts.  This is a really simple and fast technique.  It works very well on small quilts and I have used it on crib quilts.  The larger quilts can be more problematic because it is harder to use the 'pillowcase' technique  on them and not get tucks when adding quilting to them.

One thing that is helpful with this technique is to just stitch the backing and top together leaving the opening for turning.   Then go back and restitch adding the batting.  It is an extra step but it is much easier to get the two cloth layers flat and even without the batting.  I don't think it really adds much time because you eliminate the time spent wrestling with the batting.  If the cloth layers are aligned and stitched down already you know it will be the same size.  I leave the batting slightly larger, just about an inch or two, then trim it even after stitching.

The last border added becomes the 'binding'.  You can make it any size you like.  I will say that the smaller you make it the more obvious any wobbles in your seaming will be.  The one in the Santa quilt above finished at about one inch wide.  After the quilt is turned right side out, stitch up the opening left for turning.  Then you need to stitch in the ditch at the seam to create the binding's appearance.

This embroidered wall quilt below has a faux binding that finished at 3/4 inch. 


A Peak at a Finish for 2013 

Back View and Wide Binding

I finally hid all the dangling threads and stitched down the corners of the wide binding on the quilt so I can claim it FINISHED.  It's not mine so I will not be sharing a front view.  It was a bit of a challenge to work on since it was a hand pieced top of double knit elongated hexagons.  I added a really wide binding to make sure the hand pieced edges were secure.  

My other Finish of the Week

My SECOND FINISH of the year was the quilt in the previous In Your Words post.  I have added a couple more pictures to that post.  I also added the date of the drawing and a picture of the quilt label I am giving away.

What am I working on now?

Here is a glimpse of what I'm working on now.  I had hoped to get it done this past week since it had words on it but that didn't happen.  It is a neat project that I think you will like.  Maybe I can get it finished today.

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  1. Daffodils! It looks like you are having a very productive month.

  2. Thanks for showing the faux binding method.

  3. Thanks for the faux binding info. Looking forward to seeing your newest word project.

  4. Wow, already!? It was below zero here this morning. I like that faux binding idea. I'm really not that great with the binding.

  5. Beautiful daffodil and what a great technique for small quilts. I like the idea of the safety pin too!


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