Saturday, May 4, 2013

May Goals

One of the most attractive things about the flowers is their beautiful reserve. 

Henry David Thoreau

So we drove to Western Massachusetts, the Berkshire Mountains.  It was a long ride.  The odometer said we traveled about 2400 miles when we got back home.  The Berkshire area is lovely.  Spring had not arrived, daffodils were in full bloom up there.  Remember mine started opening the first week of the year.  That was a real sign as to how different our weather is during the seasons.  I really would love to live in the Southern Appalachian Mountains.  I would enjoy snow as a treat, not as a winter constant.  

Daffodils in Lee, Massachusetts

Leaves were just sprouting out when we left Georgia.  In Massachusetts the trees were still bare.  On our trip home it was like watching spring come mile by mile.  Here in Georgia most of the trees now have full grown leaves.

I had been afraid that I was going to miss the blooms on my colorful irises while we were gone.   I was so glad that I didn't!

My Irises in Georgia

There had been a few buds on them when we left.  I was delighted to see them in full bloom as we arrived home.  Misty is not impressed by flowers.  It takes a squirrel siting to get her excited.  I put her in the picture so you could tell how tall the flowers are.

I knew April would be a hard month to get much done but some things were accomplished.  It's impossible to sew when you are gone for 12 days and have to spend several more dealing with the before and after I leave details.

Goals for April were:  
  1. Hand stitch binding on Mystery Quilt -  I took it with me and I'm about half way done
  2. Finish Orange and Blue Tumbler Top - DONE!!!
  3. Finish Baby Blanket - I should be able to finish it in less than 30 minutes - no progress
  4. Make a NEW start on a quilt for new grandson - I have got the fabric and a design selected

I also FINISHED the Pink Poodle Flannel Baby Quilt that was not on the to do list.  I posted a picture of it on my previous post.  Yeah!  Progress.

BETTER YET - I finished putting my 

Goals for May:
  1. Finish Hand Stitching Binding on Mystery Quilt
  2. Get the Baby Blanket Finished (and the tutorial written)
  3. Get the Top done for the Grandson's Quilt - He WILL be coming this month for sure!
  4. Spend some QUALITY TIME with my new INNOVA!!!
  5. Get a quilt selected and finished for the Blogger's Quilt Festival
  6. Make progress on a few Charity Quilts
I'm sure that is more than enough to do this month.  At least I'll be home more and not away from my machines!  Progress will be made!

I'm also commented to participating in several blogging events this month so you will be hearing more from me very soon.  Monday starts it off with the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day. I'll be getting my prizes together this weekend.  If you haven't participated in one before you can enter to win on hundreds of blogs.  FUN!!!

I'm also declaring that MAY for ME!!  Can you find 5 minutes a day to do something for yourself this month?  Join in the fun!

Marcia's crafty sewing & quilting

I have more to share about our trip and the goodies I brought home.  I've got a few more pictures to get edited before I can share but you will be hearing more shortly.

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  1. Getting the Innova together and working, that is plenty of progress Patricia!

    We are hoping to get some Spring Weather here finally, although it is never guaranteed when it is a Bank Holiday weekend :)

  2. I'm in western Mass! Did you get to see all the beautiful flowering trees?!

  3. I love irises. Misty is cute. I used to have 2 Schnauzers.

  4. Gorgeous pics from your garden. Iris is my favourite flower. I love all bulb flowers though.


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