Thursday, June 6, 2013

Flowers at My Feet

The best things in life are nearest: Breath in your nostrils, light in your eyes, flowers at your feet, duties at your hand, the path of right just before you. Then do not grasp at the stars, but do life's plain, common work as it comes, certain that daily duties and daily bread are the sweetest things in life.
Robert Louis Stevenson

It's been a rainy year so far in my part of the world.  The grass and flowers have taken off after a slow start from a cooler than usual spring.  Mr. CPA is in charge of the yard but likes my input on where and sometimes how to do things.  Having been raised on a farm growing things was part of daily life for me but for my Army brat husband it has been a learning process over the years.

I was surprised when he came up with an idea for using something again.  Do you remember this?  The long box contained the 12 foot long roller bars and frame pieces for my Innova.

Well now it is going to be holding something else.  Hopefully it will last a few years.

It has been painted and filled with potting soil to make a flower box at the base of the deck.
How's that for re-using something?  Hopefully the flowers that go into it will add some beauty to the yard.  Here are some of the lilies that are blooming in front of it now.

This is some of the flowers on the hydrangea bushes now.  They have grown so much!  I'll have to get a picture of the whole bushes tomorrow, if it stops raining.

No pictures of quilty things today but I have made a little progress on a few things.  I am practicing my free motion skills with the longarm on a baby quilt panel.  Pictures will come after it is finished because it is full on blue markings right now.  At my two monthly quilt group meetings, yesterday and today, I also worked a little on my Scrappy Trips and finished piecing the units for my new Churn Dash quilt I cut out last month.  Now the blocks need to be assembled.

I've been trying to make up my mind about furniture for our spare bedroom this week.  I found some that I like but I'm not sure how it will fit in the room.  Decisions, decisions, and I have to live with the consequences.   Maybe you can help me decide.

If you were furnishing a room for guests would you do 2 twin beds, bunk beds or a daybed with a trundle?  OR Would you just put in a double bed?  (Queen is not an option.)

OR If you have to stay at someone else's home for a visit which of the above would you rather get to sleep on with/without your spouse?


  1. In Wisconsin we have had a cold rainy spring and I am envious of your beautiful flowers and flower for the beds, my hubby and I push them together if they are twin!

  2. Your flowers are beautiful. Everything has lost it's blooms and leaves now in Australia. I'd prefera double I think. Stretch out if I'm on my own or share with hubs if he comes too.

  3. Patricia, I adore the quote. Your husband's idea with the box for the 12 bars is magnificent! How did you water proof it?
    Originally, I was thinking a double bed but I'm with Jeni... two twin beds if they can easily be pushed together. :) Bunk beds, convertible sofa bed or futon/trundle... grossly uncomfortable. Which works if you don't want guests to stay long. lol
    ~Christina in Cleveland
    PS I am totally envious of your Innova. Can't get 12 or even 10 ft poles up to my 9th floor apartment.

  4. Oh and I love your flowers!!!

  5. The planter box is a great idea! As for the guest room, 2 twins equal the size of a king, bunks for adults, not too appealing. The trundle daybed or double would be my choice. Slight problem with each choice, when the trundle comes out, again you have 2 twins = king, the double is a bit small for couples. Who are most of your overnight guests? Singles, small children, couples? While my granddaughter was growing up, her Dad would come visit her for a week, they would both stay with us, we had twin beds pushed together to make a king, we made them up separately for the ex-SIL & GDD. It worked. For couples we made the twins up as a king. (GDD is 3rd yr college now)

  6. Nice reuse of the Innova box. My husband used the wood for another workbench!
    Renee in Colorado

  7. I have loved having a trundle bed in our guestroom! I think you have all of the options you need in one unit and I love having the extra floor space in the normal setup. Stunning flowers!

  8. I really like sleeping in the same bed as my husband...but if you are planning to have a lot of kids over bunks might be the most fun. Would an air mattress fit in the room if needed? Good luck!

  9. Thanks for linking up to the Sharing Day. Sorry to have been absent but you will see why next Saturday. Life has been busy here. :)

  10. I was so happy to see your garage...mine looks the very same way and hubby wants me to clean it out so we can get another car in there. UGH! BTW...I'm popping over from Pigtales and Quilts linky party!


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